cap compression molding

cap compression molding

Basic Information:


High speed CCM machine 
24-cavity, output 29/25 water cap 40,000-42,000pcs/hour




  1. Key parts produced with micro grade.
  2. High speed mold made with similar structure of KUKA mold.
  3. Separate cooling for machine, mold cores and mold cavities.
  4. CCM with low heating temperature, less shrinkage rate.
  5. Shorter cycle time, high output




Product Detail

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Mold cavity: SUS632 (Japan)

Cavity pedestal: 2316 (Germany)
Core pin: SKD61 (Japan)

Screw core: M310/M330 (Austria BOHLER), DLC coating
Center ejector: BeCu (USA), DLC coating.

De-molding sleeve: DC53 (Japan), DLC coating