cap compression molding

cap compression molding

Basic Information:


High speed CCM machine 
24-cavity, output 29/25 water cap 40,000-42,000pcs/hour




  1. Key parts produced with micro grade.
  2. High speed mold made with similar structure of KUKA mold.
  3. Separate cooling for machine, mold cores and mold cavities.
  4. CCM with low heating temperature, less shrinkage rate.
  5. Shorter cycle time, high output




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Video of 24-cavity cap compression molding, 42000pcs per hour for 2925 cap

 HM ICO 41X42Features of our CCM machine:

 Precision material delivery, precise high speed rotation, high consistency.

No injection point, caps molded with better quality and performance

No hot runner system, no energy consumption of heating during molding

Low melting temperature, less energy consumption, lower production cost

Cooling system with 3 independent controlling for mold core, cavity and machine, better performance

Caps produced with high density and less shrinkage

Shorter circle time, higher output


ccm parts 1

Main settings:

Mold cavity: SUS632 (Japan)

Cavity pedestal: 2316 (Germany)

Core pin: SKD61 (Japan)

Screw core: M310/M330 (Austria BOHLER), DLC coating

Center ejector: BeCu (USA), DLC coating.

De-molding sleeve: DC53 (Japan), DLC coating