Developing History of  Hautek SBM Machines

How to choose a proper stretch blow molding machine? If you are not so sure to select a proper model, please take a quick look  about our development history of  the stretch blow molding machines and model list. As  we started in 1998, our development history also represents the development history of the PET linear blow molding machine industry in Ningbo and Taizhou.


Generation 1 (G1)  : 1980~1990  Semi-Automatic blow machine, Manual blower + heating oven

                                             Main Feature: Preform feeding and bottle taking out by manual;


Generation 2 (G2): 1990~Now  Semi-Automatic blow machineManual blower + IR rotary preheater

                                               Main Feature: Preform feeding and bottle taking out by manual;

    G2 图

Generation 3(G3): 2000~now  Automatic standard blowing machine (AL2000-AL6000S series)

                                Main Features: 

                                1. Preform feeding and bottle taking out automaticly by pneumatic clampers;

                                            2. All pneumatic, the preform holder pitch same as cavity center distance;

                                                                                                     ♥ ♥ Recommend by Hautek ♥ ♥


Generation 4 (G4):2010~now  Automatic standard blowing machine  (AL2000E-AL6000SE series)

                                 Main Feature: Same to G3, but adopt servo motors instead of pneumatic cylinders;              


Generation 5  (G5): 2018~now Automatic high speed linear servo PET blowing machine(CP series)

                                 Main Feature: 

                                 1. Minimized heating pitch makes power consumption reduced dramaticly ; 

                                 2. Energy saving over 50% comparing ordinary machine;

                                 Take an example of CP-6, for 10,800BPH output, each day 10hours production,

                                 comparing with ordinary machine, it can save power cost over 20000USD each year.

                                 3. Servo motors fast motion,  and avoid a lot of pneumatic part maintenance.    

                                                                                      ♥ ♥ Recommend by Hautek ♥ ♥



General View of Hautek SBM Machines
No.  Model Max. Neck Max. Volume Cav. Nos Output (bph)1
G5 New generation automatic PET stretch blow molding machine(No.1-8)
1 CP5-2.5L 30mm 2.5L 5 10000
2 CP6-1.5L 30mm 1.5L 6 12000
3 CP7-1.5L 30mm 1.5L 7 13000
4 CP8-1.0L 30mm 1.0L 8 15000
5 CP9-0.7L 30mm 0.7L 9 16000
6 JP4-2.0L 32mm 2.0L 4 7000
7 JP5-1.5L 32mm 1.5L 5 8500
8 JP6-1.5L 32mm 1.5L 6 10000
G3 Automatic PET blow machine for bottle under 2.0L(No.9-14)
9 AL-2000 30mm 2.0L 2 2000
10 AL-3000 30mm 2.0L 3 3000
11 AL-4000 30mm 2.0L 4 4000
12 AL-3000S 30mm 0.6L 3 3000
13 AL-4000S 30mm 0.6L 4 4000
14 AL-6000S 30mm 0.6L 6 6000
G3 Automatic PET blow machine for bottle 5.0L-20.0L(No.15-19)
15 AL1-5L 38mm-60mm 5.0L 1 500-800
16 AL2-5L 38mm-45mm 5.0L 2 1000-1500
17 AL4-5L 38mm-45mm 5.0L 4 2000-3000
18 AL2-10L 45mm-65mm 10.0L 1 800-1000
19 AL1-20L 45mm-65mm 20.0L 1 250-600
G3 Automatic PET blowing machine OEM
20 AL2-5L-J 100mm 5.0 2 1500
1.The output of machines No.1-14 and 20 is as per 28/30mm 16g 500ml PET bottle stable running. Some models' neck can be extended to 38mm.
2.G4 machine is with same design of G3, but adopt servo motors instead of pneumatic cylinders     
   for preform loading, transfering, clamping and stretching, the model number is with E suffix in     
   G3 models. For an example, AL-4000E, quotation subject to inquiry.