Advantages of our SBM machine under the background of power supplying shortage and cost increasing


President Xi Jinping addresses the general debate of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly via video on Sept 21, 2021. [Photo/Xinhua]



At the UN General Assembly last month, president Xi Jinpin announced: China would not fund any new coal power stations abroad. Means in future, the low cost electric power will be not available any more, the power cost will be higher.

Under this carbon emission reduction and power cost increasing background, our new technology PET blow machine which is with obvious advantage of power saving, it will be a good option.


Below for the new technology stretch blow molding machine features:

1. The new generation PET blow machines, CP series, JP series and TP series belong to new technology stretch blow molding machines, they are with design of minimized heating pitch, which is with an obvious advantage to ordinary blowing machine. The design determined the machines can save the heating energy dramatically.

Taking 500ml 16grams water bottle as an example, 1 set 6-cavity model CP6 blowing machine has the same output of 2 sets regular 6-cavity blowing machines, the heating power consumption is around 25% of 2 sets regular 6-cavity blowing machines, in one year, 1 set 6-cavity model CP6 blowing machine can save the electricity power cost around usd20000.

2. The new generation PET blowing machines, adopt servo motors instead of most pneumatic cylinders, less maintenance is required. It also saves much pneumatic parts replacement cost.

3. Equipped with servo motors, the motion is faster and with more precision. Each cavity can get a production of 1800 bottles.


New technology SBM machine equipped with Siemens motion PLC and Siemens servo motors, machine is with optimized design, quality level is same or higher than similar European SBM machine, while the sale price is competitive.
New technology PET blow machines, CP series, JP series and TP series match tread of carbon emission reduction, machines are with high performance price ratio. They have bright future. We sincerely welcome customers worldwide to cooperate with us.

Post time: Oct-26-2021