Automatic 4 cavities PET blow molding machine for hot filling bottle

hot filling bottle blowing machine



Hot-filling is relative to the traditional beverage processing technology. For non-carbonated beverages, the traditional production technology is to fill the preheated or cold product into the bottle, and then past sterilize it according to a certain sterilization formula, Sterilization or high temperature sterilization after capping, and then cooling and drying to make the product. In hot filling, the product is first sterilized by UHT or HTST, and then filled at a temperature of 80°C to 95°C. After capping, the inner wall and cap of the packaging container are sterilized by the temperature of the product itself. .

The hot-filling process has the effect of high efficiency and energy saving. Because all operations of the hot-filling process are completed on the assembly line, it can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and manual operations, and the hot-filling process can maximize the preservation of product flavor and nutrition Ingredients, because hot-filled beverages must be sterilized together with HTST or UHT, heating and cooling are rapid, and there is no secondary sterilization after sealing, so it can reduce the heating time of the product and reduce the heat damage to the flavor and nutrients. The second sterilization also reduces bottle breakage and cap skipping in this process.
Heat the preform, stretch the preform in both directions in the mold, hold the stretched bottle in the mold, blow hot air at 160~240℃ into the inner cavity of the bottle and heat it for 0.5~5 seconds, then blow in cold air below 100℃ When the bottle is cooled to below 100℃, open the mould and take the bottle, the hot air pressure is 0.5~4.0Mpa, the cold air pressure is 2.5~3.0Mpa, and the mould temperature is 60~100℃. This method can make the polyester bottle get the best crystallization and shape. The effect is to improve the heat resistance of the polyester bottle, and the hot filling temperature of the polyester bottle is increased to 115°C, and there is no sticking phenomenon, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost.


Bottles produced by above technical process will be able to stand the filling temperature of 85 degree. Bottles can be widely use in the field of oil, tea, juice and other occasions which need to be filled under the high temperature.

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Post time: Nov-30-2020