How many servo motors needed in a SBM machine

Does more servo motors in SBM machine mean machine work faster or more energy saving


Some days ago a customer discussed with us and mentioned one factory offered a stretch blow molding machine with 9 servo motors. The customer thought more servo motors used might bring more output and more energy saving. Is it true, or the customer was misguided?

A good design of machine will be with reasonable structure with reasonable numbers of servo motors. More servo motors does not mean faster and energy saving. To use too many servo motors is energy waste and design failure. Please see below for examples:

Some other factories use 2 servo motors for mold clamping, because they are using old toggle structure from 2 sides, it has problem of 2-side force unbalance, 2-side out-sync after some time running.

We use updated design with cam link structure, single servo motor, faster, stronger and equal clamping force. No problem of unbalance and out-sync. No waste of extra motor.


Some other factories use servo motor for star wheel, the design is not good, waste a servo motor, and increase a risk of out-sync with next action of preform catching, increase maintenance job.

We don’t need the star wheel, preforms direct catch from preform holders to separate pitch and send to blowing mold. No waste of extra motor. Less structure means less maintenance.

Total 5 servo motors covered all the main motions in our CP series PET stretch blow molding machine, comparing to other factories of 8 or 9 servo motors, we are with obvious advantages of faster, better synchronization, less maintenance, more energy saving.

Please refer below for our machine output,

6-cavity of our stretch blow molding machine model CP6-1.5L can blow more than 10,800 bottles per hour stably.
7-cavity machine model CP7-1.5L can blow more than 12,600 bottles per hour stably.

8-cavity machine model CP8-1.5L can blow more than 14,400 bottles per hour stably.

Post time: Mar-18-2022