New generation 7-cavity automatic stretch blow molding machine CP7-1.5L has been selected


This month we received a domestic order for 7-cavity automatic stretch blow molding machine CP7-1.5L, the customer will use the machine to produce PET water bottles under 1.5L.

The customer has a water bottling plant in Qiandao Lake, a famous scene of waters and islands in Hangzhou. Before discussing the order, the customer studied many machines from different well-known suppliers, such as Ribo, Langxin, Fag, Mega, Jinneng etc.

Finally, the SMB machine order came to us, due to our excellent performance price ratio.


The CP7-1.5L can blow 12,600 bottles per hour as per 500ml water bottle. Its suitable to match the customer filling line which is at 12,000 bottles per hour for 500ml. Details production capacity for the machine is as follows:

1.355ml water bottle, 13300 bottles per hour

2.500ml water bottle, 12600 bottles per hour

3.750ml water bottle, 12000 bottles per hour

4.1500ml water bottle, 10000 bottles per hour


The most important, the automatic stretch blow molding machine CP7-1.5L has the advantage of high efficiency of heating, which can save a lot of power. And with servo motor driving, avoid a lot pneumatic parts replacement/maintenance cost in future. 

Post time: Nov-19-2021