PET Bottle Blow Mould 1- 9 cavities

PET Bottle Blow Mould 1- 9 cavities

Basic Information:

Due to bottle design concerns preform selection/design, blowing, filling and packing, our experienced engineers are involved in the bottle design job. Before the design, we communicate with customer fully to understand the demand, and also consider relative technical points, to provide a final design for smooth production and satisfy customer.

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Blow mould with application
HM ICO 41X42

Blowing mould order process

1. Check to confirm the blowing machine model number for the blow mold.

2. PET preform specification to be used (neck size, weight, shape)

3. Full requirements about the bottle design

4. Discuss and design with a drawing to get approval from customer

5. Machining the mould and relative parts such as splindles etc if required.

6. To get correct preform samples for testing

7. Complete CNC and polish, install for testing

8. Present final bottle samples for acceptance, then make shipment.

HM ICO 41X42

Blow Mould Design

Mould design
HM ICO 41X42

Photos Of Our Blow Moulds

Blow mould-2sets
HM ICO 41X42

HAUTEK's Blow Mould


Automatic blow mold

Semi Automatic blow mold

Blow machine type

Automatic blowing machine

Semi-automatic blowing machine

Steel of cavity

AL Alloy 7075,2316 steel

45# steel, Chrome plated

Cavity Numbers

1 to multi cavity

1 to multi cavity

Bottle Volume



Design software


HM ICO 41X42

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENTS For The Bottle Blowing Line

Air Compressor

Air Tank

Air Treatment Equipment
(Dry Chiller And Filters)

Blow Mould

Air Cooled Water Chiller